What is JustNow

This learning platform has been created to empower educators, youth workers, and young peer leaders in championing human rights education. Here you will find an easy to use tool where the often abstract realm of human rights becomes engaging and relevant to learners’ lives. This platform boasts a diverse array of materials tailored to various learning styles, encompassing activity plans, interactive exercises, immersive timelines and captivating audiovisual content. Whether used in blended, hybrid, or online learning environments, these resources serve as the gateway to understanding human rights, embracing diversity, nurturing democratic values, and upholding the rule of law. Collaborating with peers or exploring independently, learners can delve deeper into these crucial concepts. The approach is innovative: bite-sized ensuring an inclusive and stimulating learning experience for all.


Animated videos are created to help learners and educators/teachers navigate through complex topics covered by the JustNow Toolbox.


Carefully designed activity plans for educators/teachers to guide them in exploring topics that shape and influence our history, belives and the societies we live in.


A tool to aid participants/students and educators/teachers alike in promoting understanding and knowledge regarding the topics covered by activity plans and videos within the JustNow Toolbox.


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Reproductive Rights

Learn about reproductive autonomy and the struggle of women to gain reproductive rights. What are the consequences of not having reproductive rights? This animated video promotes understanding about these incredibly important topics.


What is regarded as the “Colonial Era”? What parts of the world were colonized? What has the process of decolonization looked like, and what are consequences for contemporary societies? Find out more about these questions in this video.

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Climate change and pollution

Gain a better understanding of the complex topics of climate change and pollution. This video will help you learn about the greenhouse effect, the goals of fighting climate change, and the consequences of potential failure in tackling this global issue.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

A video that provides understanding of the ICC and answers questions such as: What is the ICC? How was it created? How does it work? What challenges does the ICC faces?

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Sexual Violence: An international crime

This video focuses on the incredibly sensitive and important topic of sexual violence during times of war/conflict.

The UN Refugee Convention of 1951

The content of this video will promote a better understanding of the complex topic of migration and displacement in our society.

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Human Rights across different systems​

Krzyżowa - Past-Present-Future​


Justice and Injustice

Understanding Human Rights

Public Histories Revisited

Using the Timeline Method

Religious Tolerance & Intolerance

Refugees Past and Present

Emotions & Self-regulations

Empathy in Dialogue

Contemporary Women's Rights Issues

How to comemorate the Human Rights Day

Using Debate Method in the Classroom

Gamed-Based Learning Platform - Kahoot

Addressing Bullying​

Fair trial


Migration: debate

Reproductive rights


Cognitive Biases