Who we are


Croatian Educational and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication (HERMES) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with activities throughout entire Croatia, and in the wider regional area of former Yugoslavia. The mission of HERMES is education for democratic citizenship, through developing and applying innovative (non-formal) educational programs based on promoting non-violent communication methods such as structured and critical thinking, active listening and radical empathy as conflict resolution/prevention tools. HERMES’s activities revolve around using applied debating skills for the purpose of fighting discrimination, contributing to active participatory citizenship, raising awareness about human rights and facilitating the building of an open and inclusive democratic society.

The mission of the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) is best described in terms of its main aims and means. The main aims of the IAIE include: (1) To examine the implications of the societal contexts of education and the relationship between society, nation state and the international contexts and the situation of individuals, groups and minorities within them. (2) To contribute to the development and implementation of intercultural education and issues of education in multicultural societies. (3) To promote the exchange of information, knowledge and materials about all relevant issues concerning education in multicultural societies among teachers, teacher trainers, and professionals working in curriculum development, research and educational policy. (4) To initiate, react and respond to activities in the field of education of international and national organizations.

The Krzyzowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe with its International Youth Meeting Center, Memorial Site and European Academy is a politically independent, non-profit organization. It has experience in the field of non-formal education for more than 25 years. Because of the history of the Krzyzowa estate that the foundation calls home (the Kreisau Circle, a German resistance group against Hitler met there three times in 1942/43), it has a high expertise especially in political and historical projects of non-formal education. Topics like resistance, international relations, civil society development and Europe are in the center of the work in this area. The Foundation has also a lot of experience in realization of various art and sustainability projects.

The Kreisau-Initiative e.V. was founded in summer 1989 by citizens of East and West Berlin in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting center in Krzyżowa, Poland. For more than 29 years, the Kreisau-Initiative is organizing workshops, trainings and meetings with participants coming from all over the world, belonging to different generations and having different educational and social backgrounds. Moral courage, social and political engagement, commitment to democracy and human rights are the main focus of the Kreisau-Initiative work. Thematically, the projects fall into the fields of contemporary history and human rights, inclusive education, sustainability and inter-generational dialogue.