Barry van Driel

Barry van Driel is a social psychologist by training, who has been a senior staff member at the Anne Frank House since 1993, responsible for project development and international teacher education. He is the President of the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) and Senior Editor in Chief of the academic journal Intercultural Education (Routledge). He is an expert consultant for the European Commission’s WG 2020 working group on citizenship education and helps draft official reports for the European Commission on related topics.

Jens Henning Fischer

Jens Henning Fischer is a specialist in international relations and international law, Jens studied law and political science in Passau and Berlin. Jens is the head legal trainer of Model International Criminal Court project and responsible for the development of cases. He is a professional Berlin based communications trainer, coaching at enterprises, universities, and schools. He was Chief Adjudicator of the European Universities Debating Championships 2006 and is a faculty member of various international speech and debate academies.

Lina Jurjević

Lina Jurjević is the vice president of HERMES. She was the main coordinator of the Memory Walk workshops implemented within the ‘Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for Today’ project. Now she is coordinating educational activities of Anne Frank House in Croatia (‘Anne Frank – A History for Today’ traveling exhibition, Youth Network). Lina is also a human rights trainer and coordinator of the project ‘Model International Criminal Court Western Balkans’. As she holds degree in history and art history, she is very interested in history related projects, especially when their aim is to improve understanding and build empathy among people.

Ines Lambert

Ines Lambert, a member of Croatian Educational and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication – HERMES, is a teacher by profession, but has also been working in design, animation, video and audio editing for a number of years. Her work history includes being the production coordinator of a web TV station, technical coordinator of a documentary film production house, as well as independently producing hundreds of audio/video and graphical materials for a number of Croatian and European NGOs and cultural institutions.

Nina Lüders

Nina Lüders is executive director and program manager “Contemporary History and Human Rights” at Kreisau-Initiative e.V. in Berlin. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Free University of Berlin. She is a certified trainer of Betzavta (Hebrew for “Togetherness”), an innovative conflict-based educational concept from Israel. Nina’s current focus of work lies in human rights education, human rights in conflict situations and democracy education. She pursued further studies in Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights at Free University of Berlin.

Dr. Maja Nenadović

Dr. Maja Nenadović is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE). Maja has 17 years of experience working as a debate coach, public speaker, political consultant, researcher, human rights & advocacy trainer and identity de/construction educator in more than 40 countries worldwide. She was also the coordinator of the EU-funded Anne Frank House project ‘Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for Today’ from 2014 – 2017. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam.

Fiona Passantino

Fiona Passantino is a Visual Storyteller; taking complex concepts and making them understandable with graphics, animation and concise text, delivered via innovative, mobile-first platforms. Starting out as a visual artist in Vienna, Austria, Fiona made large-scale physical installations and illustrations. She entered the digital world as a game and website designer and online learning specialist in London, Budapest and Amsterdam. She became a Creative Lead and Head of Online Training in Silicon Valley, and Senior Communication & Innovation Advisor for a large investment bank in The Hague.

Anna Rabiega

Anna Rabiega is a natural born teacher. She holds two Master degrees: in International Relations from the University of Wrocław, and in Economics from the Lazarski University in Warsaw. She has been teaching social studies and economics for over a decade at one of the best high schools in Poland – the Community High School No. 14 in Wroclaw – where she saw almost a hundred of her students triumph in all kinds of national competitions in the field. Anna is also an author of a number of lesson plans for teachers, currently working on a comprehensive textbook in social studies.

Kerim Somun

Kerim Somun studied Public Administration at the University of Sarajevo. In the past eight years, he worked for several national and international organizations mostly in Southeast Europe. Currently, he is working for Kreisau-Initiative e.V. as Project Coordinator in Department for Contemporary History and Human Rights, where he is coordinating the MICC and JustNow project. He participated (as participant, trainer, and lecturer) in more than hundred different trainings, seminars, conferences and professional exchange programs, which improved and fulfilled his professional and personal skills, profiling him as a competent trainer and leader.